How To EASYLY Unslock Any Android Phone /Tablet Screen, In Less Than 10 Seconds

Sometimes, you forget wich scheme you used for an old tablet/phone and can’t figure out how to get your data (videos, photos,…).

You may also have left your phone and your child tried the scheme many times to open your phone, so your are required to use google account to recover the scheme. But guess what? you didn’t have internet access (wifi disabled, …).

That’s very frustrating! isn’t it? That’s why we wrote this tutorial, we will use a tool for those who don’t know programming, in order to unlock your phone / or tablet, without knowing the scheme used. We hope it can resolve your problem :-P.

# Special offer: Download the APK
some of you might not be familiar with programming, or Android SDK, just download the APK below, follow the instructions to enter your phone again.

First, Download this APK File.

#1, Plug in your phone to your PC/MAC

#2, run command to install the APK, then start it

adb install crack_screenlock.apk
adb shell am start -n com.test.adm/.UnlockerActivity

#3, you will see the screen lock disappeared. If you will do a lot of operations , you’d better change the screen timeout to a bigger value. Otherwise, you might see the screen lock again..

You can now use the phone to change your settings or do a Factory Reset.

#4, Make a factory reset, just click the “Reset this phone” button. System will ask you to assign some power to the application. Click “Activate”.

#5, After you click “Activate”, screen will show “Power off”, then phone will run the reset program.

This worked for me with my sumsung galaxy S4. If anything didn’t work properly, write a comment below.

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