Best 5 Must-have Apps for Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear smartwatches do a good job of delivering notifications and other alerts to your wrist, but the fun really starts when you start downloading apps that add even more functionality. Although the selection of Android Wear apps is small for now (just more than 200), there are already some pretty compelling options in the Google Play store. You can order food, control the lights in your home, keep tabs on your fitness and more — right from your watch.

Before you get going, you’ll need to download the full apps to your Android phone. The best part is that most of these options are free. You’ll need to make sure you’ve set up an account in each service before you open the apps on the smartwatch. Here are the best Android Wear apps so far.

1 – Wear Aware

If you’re constantly misplacing your phone, this app is just the fix you need — if chaining the device to your pants pocket is too extreme of a solution, that is.

Whenever your phone goes out of reach of your Android Wear device, said smartwatch will buzz.

It’s as simple as that. If you need a bit of a helper to then find your smartphone, you can also have the app tell your smartphone to start blasting an alarm.

If you can’t find it then, well, you probably need more help than an app can provide.

2 – At Work

How much are you working? Too much.

But really, if you want to figure out just how much time you’re spending on the clock, then At Work lets you punch in for the day on your smartwatch — which basically just starts a timer.

When you’re done, you punch out, and the smartphone will give you a little indication of how long you worked.

Small business owners and freelance workers may find this app indispensable.

3 – Slumber for Android Wear

Sure, you can set your Android Wear watch to be always on, meaning the face is always lit up.

But when it’s time for bed, you have to go in and change that setting — that is, you must do that unless you have Slumber for Android Wear.

This app fills your watch’s face with a black screen when it’s time to sleep.

It’s still in “always on” mode; it’s just not quite as bright.

4 – Calculator for Android Wear

This one’s easy. The app drops an easy-to-access calculator on your smartwatch, giving you all the powers of fancy computation at your fingertips.

If you’re trying to calculate a tip, or how many somethings are in something else, you’ll no longer have to reach down for your smartphone to figure things out.

5 –

The advantages of a physical piece of paper are that you can quickly take it out of your pocket, jot something down on it, stuff it back in and easily pull it back up when you want to check what you wrote.

The advantages of an Android note-taking app are digital memories that can be accessed from multiple places and never get lost in the wash.But you do have to go through a bit more of a process to unlock your phone, open your notes app, scroll to the note you want to look at, and tap on the subject of the note to pull up the full details.

With, you’ll easily be able to see what’s on your to-do list just by glancing at your smartwatch.

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