3 Steps To get WhatsApp Call Activated On your iPhone/iPad (iOS)

Few days back, we shared a post on how to enable Whatsapp voice calling on Android by receiving a call from someone who already has it WhatsApp call enabled. However, WhatsApp call activate on iPhone is still not available until WhatsApp makes the feature official.

But now, with a little trick, you can get Whatsapp voice calling feature enabled on your iPhone or iPad if your iOS devices already jailbroken.

All you need to download and install WhatsApp beta on your iPhone, without any Cydia tweak. I tried this and verified that WhatsApp call feature is enabled on my iPad and able to access voice calling in WhatsApp.
The Procedure described in this article are risky & may cause damage to your device since the app is not official app. You should not try to attempt this if you are not aware of these things, Techgravy will not responsible for any damage happened to your device in the process of following the instructions mentioned in this article.
 1 – We have to install AppSync tweak before download and install the WhatsApp beta, add “http://cydia.angelxwind.net” repo to Cydia source, then search for “AppSync Unified” and installed.
 2 – Now visit whatsapp dev website with the Safari browser on iOS devices, download and install WhatsApp beta.
 3 – Then login to WhatsApp. You will need someone (who already has the feature) to call you to activate it on your device, This is the hardest part to get WhatsApp call from someone who already has the feature.
Once activated, you will see a call button added to its iOS WhatsApp and the voice calling feature will be integrated into the app. Call controls like muting, hanging up and replying via a text are incorporated into the call layout screen.
Now WhatsApp call is activate on your iOS devices. Hve fun and call friends.

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