How to : Adding a Description for an Interface for Cisco switchs

In this tip, I will show you how to add a description for an interface / port in Cisco Switches.
First of all, launch your telnet client/console (as Hyper Terminal or PuTTy)
Password:[your telnet password]
Password:[your privileged exec password]
You can then follow the commands below : 
1.   Your-switch-name#configure terminal
2.   Your-switch-name(config)#interface your-interface-id
3.   Your-switch-name(config-if)#description “Type your description Here”
4.   Your-switch-name(config-if)#end
5.   Your-switch-name#

Save your running configuration (so that it will start at boot)
Your-switch-name#copy running-config startup-config
or just  : 

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