How to : Make your USB a Fixed Disk with Diskmod (Karyonix)

As discussed in a previous topicHere is a filter driver which can be used for this purpose.

Diskmod is one of the best filter drivers available for disguising a UFD as a USB HDD or vice versa.

Diskmod.sys was originally written to allow pagefile.sys to reside in a USB Hard Disk.However its other features include disguising UFDs as HDDs and HDDs as UFDs.

I – Install and use diskmod.sys

Note : For Windows 7 64 bit, you need to enable TESTSIGNING before installing Diskmod. Run command prompt as admin and execute this command

Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

Steps to follow : 

  1. Download and extract
  2. Right Click on diskmod.inf – Install
  3. Run UFDasHDD.bat and replug your USB Flash Drive to make it appear as Fixed Disk
  4. Run UFDNormal.bat and replug your USB Flash Drive to make it appear normally as Removable Media
  5. Run USBHDDasUFD.bat and replug your USB Hard Disk to make it appear as Removable Media
  6. Run USBHDDnormal.bat and replug your USB Hard Disk to make it appear normally as Fixed Disk.
II – Features

  • USB Flash Drives can be disguised as USB HDDs
  • USB HDDs can be disguised as USB Flash Drives.This feature was missing in cfadisk.sys and dummydisk.sys
  • Easy to install.No Reboot required
  • Very easy to switch between Removable and Fixed modes for both USB Flash Drives and USB HDDs.You just have to change a value in the registry and replug your USB Device
  • All connected USB Devices are affected. 
III – Download

5 thoughts on “How to : Make your USB a Fixed Disk with Diskmod (Karyonix)”

  1. It is easy. just go to device manager (right click on computer then manage – selec device manager)

    Uninstall as you would do with a driver

  2. I right clicked and installed .inf and now my laptop won't boot. says it needs repaired. can't boot into safemode and undo whatever just happened. Please explain to me how to undo this crap.

  3. Hi, I am very sorry it broke your laptop, Although the procedure above works perfectly. I think you used the wrong file to apply with your laptop.

    Anyway, If you still fail to boot your laptop normally, you can use Hiren's BootCD (link : You can burn it to a CD, or a flash drive (USB). Then boot with it. It contains tons of tools to recover or restore your boot options.

    Read More Here :

  4. Same problem like Krystifer Colli-Biondi. No way to boot my laptop or to restore it.
    I booted linux from flash drive and replaced some windows files (driver folder and others) with files from a backup I had.

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