How to : Make your USB a Fixed Disk with Dummydisk (Anton Bassov)

As discussed in a previous topicHere is a filter driver which can be used for this purpose.

USB Flash Drives can be disguised as a USB Hard Disk using Filter drivers.This way a USB Flash Drive can be partitioned using the inbuilt Disk Management Tool(diskmgmt.msc) and all the partitions of the USB Flash Drive can be accessed simultaneously in Windows Explorer.

Dummydisk is one of the most used filter drivers to do so.

I – Install Dummydisk.sys

  1. Download and extract the package
  2. Run INSTALL_DUMMY.cmd
  3. Reboot the computer

II – Uninstall Dummydisk.sys

  • Run REMOVE_DUMMY.cmd and reboot

III – Features

  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Disguises all USB Flash Drives as Fixed Drives
  • Restart is required after install or uninstall of the driver
  • Driver once started cannot be stopped
  • Switching between Removable Mode and Fixed Mode requires a reboot
V – Download

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